The world's absorbed focus on sustainability is in reality, a test of prudence in the allocation of scarce resources to meet unlimited needs. This has brought about a sharp focus on key parameters that make up the “sustainability economy”, of which impact identification, definition and measurement is a central pillar. Impact definition, measurement, ranking and reporting is our sole focus. We therefore never stop researching and learning approaches that will benefit clients who choose to engage us to enlighten their social investment decisions.

Our experienced researchers and analysts can unearth your organization's most critical social investment impact issues interpreting them into your strategy and risk framework. Ultimately, you will deliver social investment programs and projects that have a fit to your strategy and meet expectations of communities you are intent on supporting. Our research tool, ImpactUS-CIAST, combines generic research methodologies with a robust analytical framework. It is purpose designed to generate deep insights on the social investment discipline and its pay-off to organizations.

In today's world, social investment is everyone's business, from board through to senior executives, business unit leaders, project executors and general staff. Equally, the practice of investing in communities cuts across multiple disciplines of your organization well beyond public affairs. When all of its aspects are understood in an organization-wide context, the results are powerful for decision-makers at all levels of the organization.

Our study outcomes go beyond any organization brief. We achieve more than just research results and the story of what social investment beneficiaries think of your investment efforts. Our findings, analytics, interpretation and recommendations can charter a new strategy blueprint to reposition your organization’s social pact with communities in which you do business.

Some of South Africa's leading organizations with multi-listings in international stock markets have turned to us for groundbreaking insights into their social investment strategies. Our management-consulting heritage through our other business properties brings us close to top leaders in top businesses in perpetual conversations seeking to create the future. We blend our deep understating of business and commercial principles with world-class, purpose designed social investment research methodology for our clients.