We ultimately help organisations extract the maximum benefits out of their social economic investment programs, thus supporting their own objectives and those of their stakeholders.


ImpactUS is a business built on principles of deep analytical thinking. We are proud to be part of GroupThinq Holdings, a multi-company structure advising leaders and executives in public and blue chip companies across a myriad of management disciplines. GroupThinq Holdings' portfolio of businesses share a common objective of partnering organisations with a mission to grow and protect value for their stakeholders.

Tools And Processes

Our expertise is in helping organisations apply the outputs and outcomes of social impact studies to generate positive social capital and thrive in communities in which they do business. Our approach goes beyond social impact research and the volumes of data it can generate. We go further to align corporate strategic imperatives with the various activities, projects and initiatives in the social investment program; most importantly, we assess and recommend the best approach to aligning all internal efforts with the critical "drivers of impact" as defined by communities and interested stakeholders.

Guiding Principle

Social Impact for an organization must be a shared view. Boards, executives, senior managers, operational leaders, project managers, staff and external stakeholders must align behind social investment programs that will create a lasting difference in the target communities.