Sustainability is ever so close to the heart of any business strategy for forward thinking companies globally.

Combining our annual study results with client-specific impact studies and on-going solution development, we continue to cement our position as THE impact studies company. The tool not only opens new faculties of learning in complexities of social investment. It also generates a wealth of measurement metrics that have far reaching implications for strategy, implementation and governance of the social investment discipline.

Strategically astute organizations find novel ways to tap into their stakeholder viewpoints and skillfully blend them into boardroom decisions.

The traditional approach of "telling" stakeholders has given way to listening to stakeholder "tales". Nowhere are such tales more significant than in your strategy to create, grow and protect enterprise value today and into the future. Our impact assessment methodology enables a robust end-to-end audit of your management, implementation and governance architecture of your social investment plans. Reversing such audit findings into your public affairs and social investment and sustainability strategy has profoundly powerful results that set a social positioning agenda for your organization.

Even the best-laid plans can be undone by lack of coherence in implementation internally and externally.

Impact study results create real value at implementation phase of social investment activities. Our consulting team facilitates deep insight workshops with your staff across multiple departments. Impact studies generate data, information and insights that matter when evaluated in an organization-wide integrated fashion without limiting it to just the public affairs function. Marketing and communications, finance, human resources and more are all functions that have to respond in a coherent manner to the outputs of a social impact study.

We align external stakeholders and implementation partners to the internal view to create a seamless blueprint for delivering a compelling social engagement and change program.

Increasing levels of global community activism continue to hold corporations accountable for their business practices and social conscience. These aspects of organizations are as critical to success as any other business activity and require on-going risk mitigation thinking in C-suit executives.

The quest for building and operating sustainable businesses and communities has expanded the concept of business risk to incorporate aspects of societies and the environment. Social risk specifically is an important dimension to consider when taking social investment decisions. Invariably, the nature of social investment goals and strategies, their degree of successful implementation as well as the extent of impact they achieve, cannot all be without risk. Some of the associated social investment risks have a systemic connection to an organization's other strategic and operational risks, all of which need to be managed within the corporate risk framework.